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CCi started as a dream of building a holistic dining experience which now stands apart from the rest of the crowd as; the tireless focus on curating the magical experience for every single guest, on making them feel special! And there are many elements that have to work together in unison to bring this magical experience from the vision of the founders to what you see on your plate— from a state-of-the-art kitchen in Delhi, supreme quality control measures at every step of the way, sourcing only the freshest and the best ingredients to hiring the best brains and hands the hospitality industry has to offer. And it is this assiduous attention to detail that has allowed CCi to go from a two-man start up to the coveted, ‘Best Catering Company in NCR’ in a matter of fifteen years. And over the course of these fifteen years, CCi has become synonymous with quality and service, and has delighted tens of thousands of people the world over.

They are truly “Catering to Thoughts”.

Change is the only Costant

Why Learning?

There is clearly no dearth of culinary institutes in this country but what the chefs for tomorrow need is not a cookie cutter approach but skills that will allow them to hit the ground running. But very often what ends up happening is fresh graduates have to wake up to a bitter realisation that they not only have to learn new skills but also un-learn the old ones, if they are to be successful in this dog-eat-dog world. The syllabi taught in culinary schools hasn’t changed much in the last thirty-or-so years. Larousse Gastronomique is still considered a byword in the teaching of culinary sciences but a lot a changed since 1938, when it was first published and we must change with the changing times. Unfortunately, we are stuck in the past. Same texts are being taught in Hotel Management schools as they were 20-30 years ago. And the founders of CCI believe, with all their heart, that this must change and it must change NOW!

For Tomorrow and Onwards

Why Now?

With the goal to create chefs for tomorrow, the founders of CCi have decided to launch CCi Learning. CCi Learning has a sole objective—and that is to create chefs for tomorrow who are industry-ready and know from day one what is expected of them. CCi Learning would provide them with a unique opportunity to learn from the masters of the craft. The best learning happens when people are not forced to draw within the lines but are given the widest canvas possible and that is what would the mantra at CCi Learning. Students will be given complete autonomy to exercise their creativity. The only thing limiting them is their imagination. They will experience an immersive experience like no other, one in which they will not only learn from the best minds of their generation but will also imbibe everything that their diverse peer group has to offer.


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One of India’s most beloved chef, restauranteur & recipient of several culinary awards. Chef Vicky is known for his experience around the globe with roles that spans from consultancy and training; while his popularity as television chef has made him a gem to have at CCi Learning.


Is a seasoned food writer , researcher , consultant & celebrity master chef. His Gosht/Mutton Ka halwa has been the most famous recipes he has reinvented from the bygone Mughal era. Osama has also cooked for various state heads of the country and is known in the circuit to rediscover and document regional culinary heritage of our country.


With over 20+ years of experience and winner of Iron Chef Challenge 2018, Chef Nishant is a gifted chef, who believes in sustainable practice. He is part of the pre-opening team for Roseate hotels formerly called as Dusit Devarana and is a consulting chef with Michelin plated Indus Bangkok.

We are a Company

Led by chefs

We believe in collective concept as an organisation as well as our presentations, the food displays and its importance in the 21st century social gatherings. We offer all types of cuisines across the world and are always ready to fly luxury chefs and restaurant brands from around the globe. We will ensure you don’t miss a beat.





Virender Handa, the Founder, is a graduate from Macquarie University in Business Hospitality (where he would meet his future Co-Founder, Kapil Middha) and has 6 years of experience working in Australia, managing everything from boutique restaurants to convention centres before starting his own venture in 2006.
Kapil Middha, the Co-Founder and Culinary Director, is a graduate in Hotel Management from Pusa and of Tourism and Hospitality Management from Macquarie University, Sydney. He began his culinary adventures earlier than most when he would ardently observe his mother in the kitchen experimenting with flavours, ingredients and textures. Known as ‘Mr. Cool and Calm’ in his high-pressure kitchen, he is cordon-bleu chef who never shies away from pushing his creative boundaries.


To partner with the best institutions all over India to leverage our over fifteen years of culinary experience and institutions’ infrastructure to deliver the state-of-the-art instruction to create the chefs for tomorrow.


To be the best-in-class place-of-learning where students learn skills that make them industry ready the day they graduate.

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