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To special event, unparalleled art of receiving. CCi invents and creates a range of exclusive creations designed to tempt the senses, draw attention and serve unique experiences. Spectacular containers, innovative gastronomic concepts, exclusive dishes: Panko Prawns, Quinoa Mélange, Panko-based Snacks, Cheese Emulsions and Miniature Appetizers…

Menu :

Peruvian & Texmexican

Small Plates

Insalata Mercato

Hydrophonic Baby Lettuce, Pickled Courgettes, Fennel, Pumkin, Feta And Lemon Dressing

Whole Baked Brie

Truffle Pepper Honey, Ciabatta Crostini

Trilogy Of Fungi

Crispy Portebello Mushroom, Koji Glased King Oyster, Parmesan Cream 

Whole Baked Baby Cauliflower

Israeli Cou-Cous, Romesco

Melanzane Parmigiana

Baked Eggplant Classic, Fondue Of Tomatoes



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