Cities Of Love

Our fantastic team are incredibly experienced in delivering exquisite weddings, avoiding plastic wherever possible and recycle whatever we can to make a small difference to the planet. 

Ingredients which are class by itself, creative flair, and outrageously good presentation: Bubble delivers truly Unique Experiences.

Cities of love and foodaholic cities inspire us magnificently.

Emily In Paris Inspiration

Vol-Au-Vents Bar

  • Veggies In Orange Cheese Sauce
  • Mushroom Crème White Wine Sauce With Truffle Oil


 Gratin Bar

Is Topped With Cheese, Or Bread Crumbs Mixed With Bits Of Butter, Then Heated In The Oven Or Under The Grill Until Brown And Crisp. The Terms Au Gratin Or Gratinée Refer To Any Dish Prepared In Such A Manner.

  • Spinach | Pine Nuts
  • Veggies


Truffle Fries Station

These Homemade Truffle Fries Are Taken To The Next Level With The Addition Of Parmesan And Truffle Oil

Cauliflower Soufflé Station

 Roasted Tomatoes Reduction Spread | Sundried Tomatoes | Parsley

Greek Honeymoon Cuisine

Grazing Platter

Fruity Side

Fig Preserve / Grapes/ Berries / Almonds, Walnuts, Olives, Slice Baby Cucumber, Sweet Peppers

Splash On A Toast

Hummus Spread / Smoked Artichoke/ Eggplant /

Say Cheese :

Dill & Feta Cream Cheese / Feta / Edam Cheese Balls / Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes / Grilled Halloumi| Dill Cream Cheese | Truffle Cream Cheese | Garlic Herby Cream Cheese |

Organic & Vegan

Loyal to its commitments for the nutritional balance and the influence of gastronomic culture, CCi invites to reconcile environmental preservation, respect for animal life, nutritional balance and pleasure of all senses so as to respond to organic, vegan or vegetarian demands…



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