Since 2006

Catering to Thought

Our vision has been crystal clear – bespoke & luxe. To be the industry leader and an inspiration…. With our exclusive menu designing techniques – customizable to the T.

Shopping at CCi for your wedding or any event is therapy, it’s an experience, you not only get a great product but also take home relationships of a lifetime and innumerous memories.

The Map

We are people-powered.
We are committed to proactively identifying and meeting the needs of our colleagues, clients, and communities.


To special event, unparalleled art of receiving. CCi invents and creates a range of exclusive creations designed to tempt the senses, draw attention and serve unique experiences. Spectacular containers, innovative gastronomic concepts, exclusive dishes: Panko Prawns, Quinoa Mélange, Panko-based Snacks, Cheese Emulsions and Miniature Appetizers…

Organic & Vegan

Loyal to its commitments for the nutritional balance and the influence of gastronomic culture, CCi invites to reconcile environmental preservation, respect for animal life, nutritional balance and pleasure of all senses so as to respond to organic, vegan or vegetarian demands…



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