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Has been designing and catering eye-catching luxury events for over 15 Years. With accreditations at Historic Palaces, Unique venues & Contemporary Spaces, our team of planners create exceptional events just about anywhere. We also believe in Sustainable Luxury Events…

Our faith that couples should never settle for ‘Off The Peg’ Weddings. CCi’s exceptional food and it’s impeccable service is carefully tailored to reflect the uniqueness of  every couple who we honourably serve. The style the attitude sets us apart and this approach results in  personal, unforgettable, and extraordinary Luxurious Wedding Catering.


In 2021, CCi was invited to cooperate with one of the world’s finest and oldest catering firms, Potel Et Chabot, in Paris. The event with them aided us in going forward and thinking differently about the firm’s future, and the experience with this fantastic catering company paved the road for CCi to reach its full potential. We, at CCI, make your event special with flavours and escape the typical.


Thailand’s cultural and commercial centre is Bangkok. The renowned street food scene in Bangkok has become part of daily life of the residents. On the sidewalks and in the markets, the aromas of freshly prepared cuisine entice both residents and tourists.

Likewise, In Bangkok, we have been providing services for a chemical manufacturing company “Indorama” for the past five years. It has been a terrific opportunity for us to follow our objective by providing exceptional service by prioritizing our clients and hosting Corporate Dinners and Diwali Parties for them. A common conviction and rigorous work that results in excellent service and has an impact on the catering sector are what motivate our clients and the expansion of our business.

Dubai : The New UAE

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